24.feb - 26.feb 2017 Reykjavík, Iceland

Drupal Camp

The coolest camp ever

DCN Lights

DrupalCamp Northern Lights 2017

The coolest camp ever!


About camp

Northern Lights Drupal Camp will take place on the 24.2 - 26.2. 2017 in Reykjavik, Iceland

The event is being organized by the Icelandic Drupal community. Join us in Reykjavik!

  • 24.2. (friday) - walk, ice skating and party @city hall
  • 25.2. (saturday) - camp, sightseeing and Northern Lights
  • 26.2. (sunday) - camp


University of Iceland. Oddi ( building name). Sturlugata 3. 101 Reykjavik.











Keynote speaker

Meet our keynote speaker

Johanna Bergmann


CEO of Amazee.io

Drupal and the Cooperative Edge

Coming from a traditional business environment where the main goal was to find the competitive edge and not share your industry secrets, my Drupal journey has been about breaking the mold and redefining how business can be done. During my time at the Drupal Association, I saw how agencies around the world collaborated on projects, learned how the giveback culture helped us fund Drupal.org, the home of the project, and observed how the community came together at DrupalCons to share their work and secrets. Having spent the past four years seeing how the cooperative Drupal community produces solid web solutions and noteworthy work, I have adapted my approach to business and that is shaping the way I do my work today. I call it the Drupal Cooperative Edge.

Meet some of our speakers

Wes Ruvalcaba


Front-end Developer @ Lullabot

Virtual Reality on the Web - Introduction and How to...

Heard of Google Cardboard, HTC Vive or Oculus Rift? Saw Lawnmower Man once? Well you can make experiences like that, and what's more it could be a web site that someone can visit, like vr.lullabot.com!



Solution manager @ Tieto

Headless Drupal

Currently there is a debate about how to achieve this and what direction Drupal will take in the future. In this session there will be explained different approaches to solve common problems and what possible solutions are provided by Drupal and its contributed modules.



Webdirector @ City of Reykjavik

Reykjavik Drupal city – no regrets

Introduction on how the city of Reykjavik is using Drupal in web building. Why did we choose Drupal and what have we learned since then. Challenges, obstacles and decision making and project management in government environment. How are we streamlining our projects and how Drupal is more and more important


Michael Miles

Director of PHP @ Genuine

The Flexibility of Drupal 8

In this session we will demonstrate the flexibility of Drupal by going over 8 different ways in Drupal 8 that data can be manipulated. From non-technical methods, "frontend" javascript & templating methods, to "Backend" methods such as building a custom module and overriding services. This session will demonstrate how to implement each one outlining their individual pros and cons, proving that no matter your skill sets you can make Drupal 8 do what you want.


Janne Koponen

Technical Architect @ Wunder

Holistic development and operations environment

The session describes the benefits of taking the holistic approach of application development instead of separating it into different phases or departments. Session is intented for both developers and operations people as well as marketing and management people seeking to improve the speed and quality of application delivery.


Dwayne McDaniel

Agency and Community Engineer @ Pantheon

We Are All Making This Up: Improv Lessons For Developers

There are a lot of parallels between the open source development world and Improv communities. The goal of this talk is to expose the similarities and directly apply the core principles from the stagecraft of improv to get better code, smoother projects and ultimately happier customers. At the end the audience will be able to take practical examples and very simple exercises back to their organizations to better communicate with customers and internal stakeholders alike as well as techniques to get ‘unstuck’ when hitting major blockages in creativity needed for elegant code.


Kevin Kaland

Lead Developer @ WizOne Solutions

Ansible: Stress-Free Server Administation

Does this sound familiar: You set up a server and finally get it to work after hours of googling. Somehow. ...until it crashes, or the vendor goes out of business, or it needs an update, or your intern (who has a little too much access) deletes it (whoops). What to do then?


Joris Vercammen

Drupal Affairs @ dazzle

Search api ecosystem in drupal 8

In this session I'll give you an overview what changed so far in Drupal 8 in regards to the Search eco-system. We will talk about Search API, Apache Solr, Facet API and other related modules.


Dr. Christoph Breidert

Managing director @ 1xINTERNET

Drupal 8 Commerce 2

In Oktober 2016 the first beta version of Drupal Commerce 2 was released. This means that webshops built with Drupal Commerce 2 have an upgrade path which makes building shops on this version possible. We at 1xINTERNET are currently building a webshop for an Scandinavian watch company which will go live in the first quater of 2017.


Helgi Páll Þórisson

Lead developer @ RÚV

How to avoid a Drupal disaster!

The program will be a short, quick, and fun overview over the process of the making of ruv.is in Drupal 7. The focus will be on the mistakes made and the lessons learned. RÚV is the Icelandic National broadcasting service and has been using Drupal for 6 years now.


Dustin Younse

Software Engineer @ Acquia

Opening the Black Box: Becoming a Better Developer Through Debugging

In this session we will be going over useful debugging tools and techniques that can help you start to see into the inner workings of all versions of Drupal, including the new kid on the block, Drupal 8.


Alan Burke

Lead Web developer @ annertech

Building a co-lingual website - lessons learned from ireland.ie

ireland.ie is the official state website for the 1916 commemoration and runs on Drupal 7.While English is the main language in Ireland, Irish [Gaeilge] is the first official language. A decision was taken to present both languages side by side wherever possible for the 1916 commemorations - including on the website. This session will focus on the unusual co-lingual [2 languages side-by-side] approach, and how Drupal made it possible.


Tim Plunkett

Senior Engineer @ Acquia

The Continuing Saga of Layouts in Drupal 8

In his State of Drupal presentation at DrupalCon New Orleans in May 2016, Dries identified Layouts as a core strategic initiativefor Drupal 8, and work is well under way!


Allison Manley

Sales/Mktg Manager @ Palantir

Kickoff Meetings

How to run a good kickoff meeting at the start of a project?

Jim Birch

Jim Birch

Strategist @ Xeno Media

Holistic SEO and Drupal

Holistic SEO is a term used to describe development in which content, marketing, technical SEO, performance, security, user experience and user intent come together to create an ideal url on the internet, about a certain topic. This presentation will cover how to take a Holistic approach to SEO using Drupal.


Eduardo Garcia

Co-founder and CTO @ Anexus

How to integrate ReactJS with Drupa8 & Symfony

ReactJs is one of the most popular libraries nowadays to create rich interfaces and to improve the User Experience in our applications. But, despite their popularity, the first step of React are little confusing and do an integration with Drupal 8 and Symfony could be daunting. In this session, I will provide fundamental steps about how to create this integration covering the essential tools required to power this integration.


Bart Feenstra

Engineer @ Druid

A Cautionary Tale for Defensive Programmers

This talk will take you through the concept of defensive programming, with its many helpful tools like exceptions, assertions, typing, and validation. It will elaborate on several programming techniques you can leverage to tell calling code about your problems, and to handle the problems of the code you call yourself. All this will be done in multiple programming languages.


Bryan Gullan

Web consultant @ Makkaru

Testing user behaviours: an introduction to Behat

This is an introductory session to carrying out automated testing of user behaviours using Behat and the Behat Drupal extension. Tying this in with user acceptance criteria lets you repeatedly and quickly test user journeys throughout a build. It is particularly handy for testing more complex series of steps such as checkout and payment. This is commonly known as Behaviour Driven Development (BDD), this approach can also readily be retro-fitted to an existing site, to help us ensure that ongoing development doesn't break existing user journeys.

Michelle Jackson

Michelle Jackson

Web Strategist @ Palantir

Competitive Analysis: Your UX must-have on a budget

A tight budget and time constraints can make dedicating time and resources to understanding audience needs challenging. Competitive analysis is an affordable way to evaluate how competitor sites are succeeding or failing to meet the needs of your audience. It can help you avoid competitor pitfalls, gain insight into what your users want, and lead to better decision-making before you invest in and implement new designs and technical features.


Ticket sale has started.

Dinner at Fridheimar
  • eq. to ca. 20 USD
Sightseeing trip Partners and friends
  • eq. to ca. 50 USD
  • golden circle (friday)
  • geothermal exhibition
  • northern lights trip


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  • University of Iceland, ODDI
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  • 24.2.2017 - 26.2.2016